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Selling Your Tampa Bay Real Estate?

Sharon Thomas would like to be your Tampa Bay real estate brokerWhat makes me different? I am a Seller’s Broker.
I’m the only Seller’s Broker in South Tampa

My company represents one party – the seller. That means I’m an advocate for you, looking for the right sale, not just any sale. You are the “Client”.

I would like to be your listing real estate broker. Hundreds of brokers would like to be.

Most real estate firms represent their listings as a “Customer” or “Consumer” with limited representation. That means they help the sale take place, but don’t represent anyone.

All real estate firms have to deal honesty whether they represent you or do not represent you.

I’m the only seller-only Real Estate Broker in South Tampa. I cooperate with all real estate brokers and compensate the real estate broker at the conclusion of the sale.

“My goal is to give you the most pleasant & profitable experience”

It’s your house – not just any house. Don’t work with just any broker or accept just any deal consider your options.

The following quote reflects our history’s past & present. Together we can change history!

"Put the Real Back in Real Estate®"

Sharon Thomas, Seller's Broker
(813) 220-1269 or Email Me 

“The real truth behind most businesses today there wasn’t much that was altruistic about it anymore. It wasn’t about public services & the people’s right to know. It was about completion, kicking people, & taking names, what business succeeded & who was left behind.”
(Author Unknown)

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